Monday, October 08, 2012

This coming Saturday...

...the 31st running of the Le Grizz 50 Mile Ultramarathon, from Spotted Bear to Hungry Horse, Montana!  And of course, your faithful Unforeseen Contingencies blogger will be participating (for my twelfth time).  This might mean blogging will be reduced, but I should be able to get a race report up at the very least.

I'm better trained than I was for the last few; my long runs in September were 23, 34, 24, and 25 miles, spaced six days apart.  My pace is, well, slow, but my endurance isn't too bad.  That past two years we've run the east side of Hungry Horse reservoir (the non-traditional course).  This year we're back on the traditional west side, the more scenic one.

I'm particularly interested in how I feel over the last fifteen miles and the finish.  This will be a good indicator of my condition for the Beast of Burden 100 in January.  At 50 miles I need to be, as a friend with substantial experience at 100 miles put it, "fresh."  We'll see how close I am to that.

More soon!

Photo: Our race venue, Hungry Horse Reservoir and Great Northern, from the west side.

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