Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Note on the debate

Tie.  Big deal.  Two boring guys who really don't know very much babbled about fictional details of fictional plans.

Romney is "concerned" about the direction the country has taken in the last four years, but certainly doesn't sound like it.

Obama promises to continue to be "everyone's" president... maybe Bryan Terry's president?

I suspect Romney is incapable of going after Obama on any serious issue.  The PBS commenters are now babbling, trying to figure out anything interesting from this.  "Romney looked mildly more comfortable."  "Obama seemed a little rusty."  There's some talk about the relative merits of the candidates' ties.  The subtext that keeps poking its nose into the discussion is that no one is sure why they didn't actually go after each other.

New York Times captured the drama well: just as the debate ended, they sent out this News Alert:

Yankees Win A.L. East as Orioles Lose

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