Monday, September 17, 2012

The "religion of peace?" Australian Muslims disagree!

Riots in Sydney, Australia over "Innocence of Muslims," and a demonstration aimed the U.S. Consulate...chanting "we love Osama," calling for beheadings of people who insult their religion, attacking en masse a man who calls out "shame on you for using religion to advocate for murder," assaulting police officers... yes, there's "peace" for you.

These Muslims can't pretend they do not understand that the U.S. government didn't make the film.  They can't pretend to be part of a "religion of peace," either.

Meanwhile, Volokh Conspiracy has two very good posts on possible responses to Muslim rioting.  The first argues that punishing "blasphemers" in an attempt to mollify Muslims will likely make things much worse and lead to more deaths.  (In other words, Political Correctness kills.)  The second generalizes this point, arguing that capitulation to terrorism begets more terrorism.  Both are well worth reading.

Religious Watch is also doing a fine job of covering the story.

Charles: If you think that the "Innocence of Muslims" launched the Muslims' ire, wait until they get to see the Osama movie (on his execution) this fall...NV
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