Sunday, September 30, 2012

October is "Reclaiming Libertarianism" Month!

In fact, libertarianism is a radical idea, the most radical idea ever developed in political thought.  Individuals are sovereign, and governments -- be they monarchies, representative republics, democracies, tribal chiefdoms, anarcho-capitalist defense agencies, whatever -- properly exist only to serve and protect the individual and not vice versa.

One intermittent theme with "all of us" at Unforeseen Contingencies is that libertarianism is rational, reasonable, and moral, and needs to be defended from intellectual and political thugs who would hijack it for ulterior motives, and from crackpots who would turn it into a simple-minded religion. (Be sure to read the comments in this last link!)

Well, inspired by the excellent efforts of the Post-libertarianism blog, "we" at Unforeseen Contingencies have decided to celebrate October as "Reclaiming Libertarianism" month!  As part of the celebration, I plan to post pieces on a few areas where libertarians have tended to run off the rails -- history, science, foreign policy, perhaps more.  In addition, PL is promising a piece on Sheldon Richman's Top Ten Crimes Against Reason, and I might have another contributor or two joining in.

If any reader wishes to contribute a piece, let me know.  This includes those who disagree and want to correct us, damn us to hell, or whatever -- in fact, these will be particularly welcome (Tom? Walter? Sheldon? Lew? Are you there?)  I'll post anything relevant, without editing -- although I do request that obscenity be kept to the bare minimum possible (we do have some standards here, you know).

Whether we are actually successful in "reclaiming" anything, well, good luck with that... but at least this should be both fun and thought-provoking, and that's what we're really all about!

This is not really part of "reclaiming Libertarianism" or perhaps it is. I thought that you would like it. NV :
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