Friday, November 11, 2011

Thomas DiLorenzo -- psyochopath?

Apparently so.

Read his latest post on LRC, and then the definitions here and here.

Note to Mises Institute: it's not funny.

I am not sure. That is rather a form of sociopathy...NV
These diagnoses are difficult, of course. But I don't think the two problems are mutually exclusive.
Looking over your website I see that you spend most of your energy bashing everything Rockwell. How pointless. Is that all you can do?
Anonymous #2

If you actually take count you'll find that posts critiquing the Rockwellites is a small share of what's posted here. I promote reason, libertarianism, and good economics (including Austrian economics), among other things.

Currently no one does more to discredit libertarianism and the Austrian school than do Rockwell and co. The left writes about them regularly and uses them to discredit liberty and free markets. A critique of these Rothbardian scoundrels from the standpoint of good economics and principled libertarianismsets the record straight and is not pointless.
It may be my far-from-perfect English and my poor knowledge of American history and culture, but upon a quick first glance, I don't find anything outrageous in this text. I just can't see the point of it. It seems to me stuff like, "Dear diary, today I woke up in time to prepare my makeup..."
Thanks for the question, Maya. Here's my explanation.

Anyone who exploits human kindness and gestures of generosity and respect is a selfish ass. Anyone who mocks people who are behaving benevolently is insufferably rude. Anyone who mocks those feeling the terrible pain of the loss of loved ones is vicious. Anyone who supposes that this all makes a clever political point is an idiot.

Thomas DiLorenzo is a all of these. Veteran's Day commemorates the struggles, sacrifices, and horrors of wars. Particularly at this time, military personnel & their families are suffering a great deal of stress, harm, and pain. Quite a number of people make gestures of respect, thanks, etc. Even if one disagrees with all the wars and the politics behind them, one should never mock people when they are in these circumstances.

In general, the Rockwellites characterize anyone who doesn't follow their party line as either evil or sheeple. Their consistent disrespect for people illustrates why they are the worst possible advocates of liberty.
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