Sunday, October 30, 2011

A strange juxtaposition

While I was looking at DiLorenzo's ranting (see previous post), I noticed something else on, something so jarring it almost defies belief. Here are the headlines of two articles they list side by side:"America is a Police State" and "Firearms Ownership Soars." Do these seem as mutually contradictory to you as they do to "us" here at Unforeseen Contingencies? There's no private ownership of firearms -- at least not legal ownership -- in a police state. (And in a police state, critics of the police state are not allowed to blog about it, but that's another matter.)

The juxtaposition of these articles is telling. As I've pointed out previously, religious belief can render one incapable of even rudimentary reasoning. This is a good example of that, and evidence that "Austro-libertarianism" is neither economic science nor principled libertarianism, but quasi-religious dogma.

When I read things like "The US is a police state" I feel like sending the authors on a short trip to Minsk, where the mere fact of standing outside a government building and applauding is considered a crime... NV
I alwaysfeel like sending the LvMI people to Minsk!
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