Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Illuminati are after us!

It's been obvious for quite some time that Lew Rockwell and his merry band are hard core conspiracy theorists, but all the same, this post is quite something. Apparently we're to believe that the entire Federal government is nothing but a pagan occult conspiracy, inherently evil from its inception. Quick, call Robert Anton Wilson!

It's always been clear, too, that the Rockwellites see the United States of America as the ultimate evil empire, but I'd always supposed that they only dated this as far back as Lincoln. I guess I was mistaken. Obviously, once you understand Rothbardism, you'll understand that America is simply evil, always has been, and always will be, until "the regime comes down."

Meanwhile, I await the Rockwellites' lament for Col. Qaddafi, which surely must be coming...
Update! Well, I didn't have long to wait. Overthrowing Qaddafi was "a murderous travesty," according to Lew Rockwell. Apparently when a bloodstained dictator announces he is going to butcher his opponents while they are hiding in their closets, and begins taking actions to do so, stopping him is murder. It's only about oil, of course, and Syria is next. It's also about thwarting those free market libertarian societies: China, Russia, and Iran.

It's unthinkable, of course, that any government official in the west would actually care about individual rights, it (Umm, would it be impolite to point out to Lewdwig Rockwell that Syria has no oil?...)

Why on earth are they systematically siding with tyrants? It makes no sense. And I am asking this question in the ideological sense. Where do they find the justification for this choice in what they preach elsewhere ? NV
They systematically side with tyrants because they are not libertarians and do not give a damn about other peoples' rights. They hate the America, for various reasons I guess -- e.g. love of the Confederacy & the way it treated "those people," as Walter Block once described blacks. They side with anyone who opposes the U.S, hence their outrage at bin Laden's death, and their outrage that 9-11 is being commemorated. They are evil.
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