Friday, August 12, 2011

Christie O'Donnell for President!

Unforeseen Contingencies is proud to endorse, for President... OK, here goes... ahem... Christine... ummm...

Look, here's the problem. There's no way "we" can endorse Bush 44, Barack Obama. And of course, Ron Paul is out. Gary Johnson the only real libertarian in the race, has less chance of winning than we do. Mitt Romney, best of the remaining Republicans...ugh. And worst of all, the candidate with the momentum seems to be the lunatic queen of the American Taliban, Michele Bachmann. Yikes!

Here's a fine example of Michele Bachmann's remarkable grasp of reality. In 2009, a number of countries, led by China, suggested that the IMF establish an international currency to take the place of the USD in international payments. This would be bad news for the United States, as we benefit immensely from having our own currency as the international medium of exchange. For one thing, our external debts are denominated in our own currency, which is why our debt situation is unlike that of Greece, the Asian countries in the '98 crisis, or anyone else. We are in a mush stronger position. For another, when we buy oil, we do not suffer from exchange rate risk. Oil is traded in USD, and enormous advantage for us.

Fine... but numerous creditors are getting a bit tired of our profligate ways, and -- worrying about the potential for a debt crisis or inflationary "solution," have suggested an alternative to the dollar for international trade. Rep. Michele Bachmann apparently believed that this would mean the U.S. would leave the dollar standard, and promptly introduced legislation preventing the U.S. from replacing the USD with foreign currency.

Bachmann is a lunatic. That she's a darling of the Republican party, and a potential candidate, is terrifying. Barack Obama is no good at all, but everything we see about Bachmann suggests she's completely out of touch with reality. Что делать?

Well, here's "our" solution... Christine O'Donnell for President in 2012! She's far more photogenic than Ms. Bachmann, surely no crazier, her legislative accomplishments are no less than MB's, and, unlike Ms. Bachmann, we know Christine is not a witch. We have her word on this, yet Ms. Bachmann has never denied association with withcraft. What is Michele hiding?!

Christine O'Donnell 2012!

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