Sunday, July 10, 2011

Something entirely different!

...for Unforeseen Contingencies, at least.

This past June I was listening, as usual, to my favorite radio station, KGLT FM Bozeman MT, an independent alternative station at Montana State University. ("Alternative" means that they play all sorts of extremely interesting, often obscure stuff you'll never hear anywhere else.) The DJ was doing a show of live music being performed in-studio, all of it played on didgeridoos. The primary musician was Kyle Bert, proprieter of Desert Mountain Didgeridoos. Bert lives in Bozeman and in Tucson AZ, and crafts his didgeridoos from agave stalks he harvests in the Arizona desert. The performance was captivating, and when it finished I called in and got the URL for his website. I called him, set up meeting and - suffice it to say I am now the proud owner of the instrument pictured here.

I've been playing for a little less than a month, and am really enjoying it. The didgeridoo is an odd instrument, in that it really only plays one note, yet you can get (and I'm starting to get) an amazing variety of sounds from it. It is extremely fun, sounds great, and playing it is extremely satisfying. It's also gorgeous to look at.

So... another unforeseen contingency occurs, as "we" at UC take a musical turn here. At some point I may even post a short performance (just have to figure out how to record & post MP3 files...and play to a standard that doesn't scare the dog...)

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