Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two new blogs

I've just added two new blogs to the blogroll of Unforeseen Contingencies. The first is Walter Russell Mead's The American Interest. I've read mead for some time in Foreign Affairs, and have recently discovered his blog. Here's a particularly thoughtful piece on the Libyan intervention, Obama's War. I am still planning further commentary on this topic, and particularly the Rockwellian take on it, when I get some time to write.

The second is Neeka's Backlog. It's a simple personal blog (by Veronica Khokhlova, someone I do not know) from Kyiv Ukraine, and features photography, simple observations, occasional biting commentary on politics, and even audio recordings. I love it - it's poetry in blog form. I linked to this one back in 2006, in a post or two, but never linked to it. I re-encountered it today, and want to keep following. (That's really the criterion for being added to the UC blog and news rolls, BTW - my personal desire to have an easy way to get to things I want to follow.) Here's a frustrating, outrageous, amusing story from 2009.

Enjoy them both!

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