Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making sense out of Syria...and conservatives

As it turns out, that's not possible, unsurprisingly.

I mention this because of some of the inane discussions I've heard in the last few days asking why Basher Assad and the Al Khalifas don't warrant military intervention, if Qaddafi does...after all, Qaddafi kills demonstrators, and the governments in Syria and Bahrain have too. So either all should be attacked, or none, or we're hypocrites or worse.

As if all there is to foreign policy (or any policy) is simple-minded application of half-baked moralisms. May we be preserved preserve us from such nonsense! (BTW, most of these arguments came from the left, not right...the left makes no sense, either.)

With this in mind, let's all thank heavens for principled and farsighted men who understand the real issues in choosing foreign policy. Thank you, Dr. Gingrich!

Postscript: I suppose there's always the possibility that some reader might not pursue the links I include, and hence might not note the irony of my comment on Newt Gingrich. Well, now that Mr. Gingrich has declared himself a candidate for the Republican nomination, I'd better hasten to point out that the link exposes him as a completely hypocritical coot.

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