Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unforeseen Contingencies can hardly wait...

until these two guys... ==>

look like this:

Photo: the execution of Elena and Nicolae Ceaușescu.

I cannot help citing from a Happy Arab's related post (
"Now it seems to be only a matter of time before the opposition storms Tripoli and dangles the Brother Leader from a lamp post. The opposition will have no other choice as attempting to try Gaddafi is risky of leading to hours long orations that would decimate the court and audience and overwhelm translators from Arabic assigned an impossible task."
I second that posting, and especially for you and the UC crowd, here is something to practice until then:

With Gaddafi claiming insurgents and others are dosing the water supply with ecstasy, what he's really saying is:

"Everyone is on drugs except for me!!!"
no, he is on botox and it got to his brain, or what is left of it...NV
i just want to say that that is not the Photo of the execution, instead it is a artistic impression.
The dictator of the Romanians was indeed shot and killed together with his wife.
Thanks to all for your comments.

Great game, Nat!
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