Thursday, February 10, 2011

A quick note on Egypt

In lieu of a longer post with analysis...

Mubarak's hand picked vice president Omar Suleiman says that Egypt isn't ready for democracy.

Good point, that. Being subject to suppression, arbitrary arrest, and torture must be good for them as they aren't ready for freedom. But it raises the question of when Egyptians would be ready and how we would know it... what conditions would have to be met? It can't be that the Egyptian people are currently too apathetic; they are badgering Mubarak a bit too much for that to be the case. It must be that they aren't sufficently developed to recognize the wonderfulness of being suppressed, oppressed, arbitrarily arrested, tortured, and killed by such a "wise" man?

Bah! It's high time this sociopathic egomaniac ends his thirty years of "service." He's a brutal dictator with no legitimacy at all, and should abandon his position, else he's likely to face the fate of scoundrels like Ceausescu...which is, frankly, something he deserves. Get the hell out, Mubarak, while you can!

Artwork by Pep Montserrat.

I second that. But "get the hell out"- where to?
There are not too many countries volunteering right now...NV
I meant "out of office."

But I'm sure if he wanted to come here to the U.S., we could get him a teaching position.
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