Sunday, February 06, 2011


31-26, Packers over Steelers.

"The Lombardi Trophy’s 14-year sabbatical from Wisconsin has ended..." I followed the game on a radio station from Cincinnati. Whenever something exciting happened, the combination of the announcers shouting and the static made it impossible to really tell what was occurring, and I was something of a wreck by the end.

I'll no doubt hear more complaints from my friends who are fans of Chicago, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Denver, and all those other also-ran teams about how the Packers are a community-owned, non-profit corporation. Yes, that's one more reason I am a Packer fan. Every time they beat one of those private for-profit subsidized corporate teams, it's a victory for peoples' capitalism over mercantilism. Hah!

Green Bay Packers, World Champs!

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