Monday, May 31, 2010

More thoughts on the Hamas flotilla

1. It's really only a matter of opinion that the objective of Hamas is the slaughter of Jews, the destruction of Israel, and the imposition of a religious dictatorship of strict Sharia. Unfortunately, it's Hamas' opinion.

2. Allies of Hamas -- e.g. Iran's President Ahmadenijad -- have called for the elimination of Israel, and have provided heavy weapons to Hezbollah and would no doubt do the same for Hamas, were they able.

Given these two points, it would make no sense at all for the Israelis to allow ships manned by Hamas' supporters to sail freely to Gaza; it would be suicidal. If the blockade of Gaza is eliminated while Hamas is still in power, can there be any doubt about what sort of things will flow into Gaza? Gaza will become a forward firebase for Iranian missiles such as these. Place accurate missiles in the hands of sociopaths like Hamas, and previous Arab-Israeli conflicts will look like picnics. In my view, had the IDF simply sunk the flotilla it would have been justified. (Not a good idea, please note, but still justified.) One must be utterly ignorant of what's going on to not understand this is about destroying Israel.

There will be enormous outrage around the world over the Israeli interception of the flotilla, far more than over the North Koreans' murderous sinking of the Cheonan. (Outside of South Korea, has there been any reaction at all?) We're living in mad times, when naked evil is defended as good, and self defense is condemned.

When I spoke in a previous post of a new American Revolution, I had in mind the same sort of intellectual revolution that preceded America's War of Independence -- one which affirms the inviolability of individual rights, as opposed to the current fixation on collectivist "human rights." Individual rights include the right to defend oneself against annihilation. Individual rights do not include the right to take strategic action on behalf of a homicidal organization like Hamas. The distinction ought to be clear.

and here is what a "pacifist" flotilla looks like...NV :
The link doesn't work, but this one does.

Unfortunately Tom P. is falling for the Hamas propaganda line. You should set him straight, Nat.
The things Tom believes in always make him forget that he has people in front of him who share none of his values. NV
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