Monday, May 31, 2010

Hamas suffers naval defeat

I'm in the midst of travels -- but want to make a quick endorsement of Israel's interception of the Hamas flotilla. So long as Gaza is ruled by Hamas, an organization that explicitly calls for the physical destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Jews, the blockade should stay in place. If the Israelis open Gaza, they will have long range missiles on their southern border in no time.

The western leftists and Islamists making common cause in this flotilla are enemies of liberty. I wanted to suggest that if they are really humanitarians worried about the plight of trapped people, they set sail for North Korea. But its obvious they do not give a whit for victims of dictatorial oppression -- otherwise they'd be appealing to Hamas to stop oppressing Palestinians in Gaza. The purpose of the flotilla is simply war on Israel.

For a good summary of the Hamas Flotilla story, see this.

I second that posting, Charles. HUT AB! Absolutely accurate analysis, I think. But I fear that your repeated endorsement of Israel's counter-ops and security measures might make you the target of attacks yourself...NV
Thanks, Nat. As always, your comments are much appreciated.

But umm, attacks by whom? Note Unforeseen Contingencies doesn't even get hostile posts. So far as I know, you are UC's only regular reader(and probably even my biggest critic!)

Anyway, I'm rather unafraid of American supporters of Hamas; they are kooks. Now, on the other hand, Cossacks are another matter...if I thought you were after me, I would go into hiding immediately! Fortunately for me you're a friend.
I was more thinking of people hearing you say those things. I take it that you also say such courageous things publicly. I can imagine that you have one or two students who are against Israel's right to exist. In Europe, they are all over the place...
You do not need to look very far in the US either, look at the weirdos of There are plenty of people who would get furious at what you say, like the people who signed the petition of JCall.

But no worries, we Cossacks are extremely peaceful people...NV
I appreciate your concern. I don't know anyone who is sufficiently radical on these issues to start trouble over them...and if they did, they'd be the ones who ought to worry.

At my college it would be easier to find students willing to join the IDF than to say anything good about the flotilla.
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