Saturday, February 20, 2010


Re the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, "everyone" is assuming it was the Mossad. But now Hamas says the two arrested are from Fatah.

Obviously Fatah planned the assassination, and arranged to frame Israel in the process. Or wait, obviously the Mossad planned the assassination, and arranged to frame Fatah in the process. Or maybe al-Mabhouh had offended Hamas and they planned the assassination, and arranged to frame both Israel and Fatah in the process. (This would explain the mystery of why al-Mabhouh had no Hamas security detail.) But wait, maybe it was...

There's one thing of which we can be certain: we are very capable of inventing more plausible stories than could possibly be true. If only we were as good at selecting the correct one from among them. (The real problem is that the truth, often as not, probably remains an unforeseen contingency.)

Obviously, Mister Raimondo has the answer. I feel sorry for so much ignorance:

Whew. I was afraid he was going to blame Tom P. and Cato.
It cannot be Tom P since at that time he was on radar in Germany ;) NV
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