Saturday, February 20, 2010

HURRY! Time's Running Out! the Unforeseen Contingencies Fiscal Responsibility Limerick Contest. The winner will receive a nice prize, and keep in mind that "we" here at UC have developed the capability to deliver it almost anywhere on Earth's surface. (Belarus, North Korea, and Zimbabwe remain problematic, but we're working on it!)

Deadline: 23:59:59 Mountain Standard Time (U.S.A.), 28 February.

Get those entries in!

Note: the lovely ladies pictured here are winners of race 1 of the Limerick Tri Club 2010 Duathlon Series (Limerick, Ireland). This was the best thing to come up when I Googled "Limerick picture." Incidentally, the Club's website is excellent and worth checking out, especially the link to Gordon Thomson's beautiful photography.

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