Monday, January 04, 2010

World Premier! Hayek vs. Keynes

So far, the highlight of the AEA/ASSA meetings has to be the world premier of Fear the Boom and Bust: A Hip-Hop Macro Anthem. It’s a extremely cool music video featuring Friedrich Hayek debating John Maynard Keynes, and is a cooperative venture between Russ Roberts (Mercatus Center) and John Popola (The Productioneers). I don’t think it is yet available, but apparently it will be in a few weeks, along with commentary on macroeconomics from a wide variety of economists. I’m no rap fan, but it’s really well made, highly amusing, and a very good introduction to business cycle theory.

I’ve been sitting in a number of sessions on where macroeconomics is today, and frankly, this video is probably the proper stopping point for studying business cycles as well.

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