Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another hero!

According to New York Times, police officer Sergeant Mark Todd is probably the one who stopped the Fort Hood terrorist after Sgt. Munley engaged him. We at Unforeseen Contingencies also salute Sgt. Todd.

Both Munley and Todd faced a madman, at risk of their own lives, and stopped his rampage. Civilization depends on this sort of courage.

A pity there's also an unpleasant note. The Rockwellites smell a NWO conspiracy, of course.

I am not quite sure what the conspiracy is supposed to be, but I gather it has something to do with the fact that Sgt. Munley is a female.

I wonder if the Rockwellites realize that Sgt. Todd is black.
(You have to wonder at the viciousness of the Rockwell crew. There's no dispute from them that Sgt. Munley attacked Hasan in a gun battle and was shot. So now she's slammed as a Jessica Lynch, someone who didn't do anything but was anointed a hero anyway. Yet by every account I've read, both Munley and Todd attacked Hasan and shot at him. One of them was shot, and the other expected to be shot. We can let ballistics analysis determine whose bullets actually stopped Hasan [maybe it was some unidentified third party] but it's clear that Munley behaved heroically, as did Todd.)

Obviously the attack is also supported by a certain fringe of Muslim population...

Thanks, Anonymous -- interesting.

I didn't watch the entirety of it, but I noticed these lunatics had a difficult time getting anyone to listen, or take a pamphlet. When I lived in NYC I saw political kooks lecturing on the street of every imaginable (and several unimaginable) persuasion, usually to everyone's annoyance. These guys seem similar.

There is something disturbing, though about the whole definition of "terrorism." The speaker does have a point -- this was an attack on a military target. Defining attacks as "terrorism" is a way of both demonizing one's opponents, and of pushing them into legal categories that relax the constraints on one's responses. It's a dangerous slope, but we've slid so far down it it's hard to see how we can get back up.
Update that no one is likely to read: indeed Sgt. Munley did shoot and stop Hasan. I heard her recounting the tale in an interview on Hannity, and she did put bullets into the jihadist.

She's now very bitter at Obama because he's given the victims of Ft. Hood short shrift. But I guess that's the prerogative of a Grand Mufti.
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