Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's happening with the Kang Nam?

What's going on with the North Korean freighter, Kang Nam 1? New York Times doesn't even report on it (nothing for three days).

But there is news:

Reuters quotes a U.S. military spokesman as saying we haven't decided whether to "hail and query" this particular ship.

Agence France Presse reporta that the military junta in Burma denies knowing anything.

Shan Herald (a Burmese dissident news outlet) offers speculation on the likelihood the cargo is munitions.

Associated Press covers the latest North Korean threat to go to war over the sanctions.

Maybe the question should be, what is happening at the New York Times? Apparently they're overwhelmed with the tasks of campaigning for socialized medicine and cheerleading for Obama.

Perhaps they should be given some stimulus funds, so they can hire some news writers.

Update 25 June: North Korea threatens nuclear attack on U.S. And surprise! New York Times covers it. But it didn't make the news alerts they send me (displaced by stories on Farrah Fawcett and Shaquille O'Neal) nor did it make the internet front page.

Still, it's progress. North Korea has finally made it back into "all the news that fits." No mention of the Kang Nam, though.

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