Wednesday, June 24, 2009

America's Progressives

Maybe we should start with some humor, since so few things are funny lately.

Q: Why does Barack Obama dislike the Second Amendment?

A: Because it's the one thing that stands between him and the First Amendment.

Here's an NY Times column that nicely touches on these themes. Bob Herbert is so over the top, one wonders how even the Times would print this. I've been reading the NRA's analysis of the Obama administration, and there's nothing in it that's over-the-top. rather, there's a great deal of careful documentation of proposals, almost entirely from the Democrats, for draconian gun controls, and analyses of the statements and positions of Obama administration officials.

Herbert cannot fathom even the thought that citizens might need firearms to defend their rights, including against the state. I suppose his is a sensible position...if one believes the state is superior to the individual, and particularly if one believes the state is now in the hands of the new god-like Fuhrer. It's all "gun craziness," "madness," and "hate speech" to him. No doubt it ought to be banned, although progressive fascists don't favor outright bans; some indirect method will have to be found; taxes, or "Fairness Doctrine," or something.

Herbert is right about one thing, though: this isn't about hunting.

Progressivism: the face of America's fascism.

Everything printed in a mainstream newspaper rests on the assumption that our government is good and right and that it's in our best interest to serve it and obey it. Guys like Bob Herbert never challenge that assumption, but rather feed into it by writing about things they don't understand and doling out labels to people with unpopular beliefs. Nothing at all is gained by this, but everyone "feels good" and their practiced obedience is further reinforced. Progressivism is an outlet for superficial people, and ultimately serves a sinister agenda (as you correctly point out).

I posted this comment in my blog, Arthor Bearing's Grail. Please take a look around and comment if you see anything that piques your interest. Keep fighting the good fight.
Thanks for the comment. You are on target. And it's worse than just progressives. Even Richard Posner is now saying that we just need "more intelligent" government. Whatever happened to Chicago Political Economy?

I posted a comment on your blog. Again, thanks.
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