Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Utterly Out of Control

How else to characterize this? Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner declares that Treasury has perpetual authority and funds to manipulate capital markets as it sees fit.

And Inspector General of the Federal Reserve Elizabeth Coleman is more clueless as to what the Fed is doing (and even what she’s doing) than, well, maybe anyone else in country.

Here's the Bloomberg report on the $13 trillion in Fed and Treasury liabilities.

Here's the Fed OIG hotline for reporting waste, fraud, and abuse. Are we permitted to turn in the entire Federal government?

I take it you are stocking up on TastyBite and elk ribs
I just ate an elk steak an hour ago. But what the heck is a TastyBite?

But no, I am not stocking up on anything, except unpayable debt. I figure that the poorer I am, the more eligible I'll be for stimulus funds. That's the way to get ahead these days.
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