Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dushka: Lost Dog - Reward

A standing offer: $500 for her safe return.

I realize most of my "regular" readers are far off, but I’ll put this up anyway. My dog was lost in mid-March, in south-eastern Michigan, between Hillsdale and Osseo. She’s a black lab (purebred), seven years old, in excellent shape, and was wearing a collar with orange diamonds on a black background, with a tag with her name on it. She was capable of covering 30 miles in a day, and northern Ohio and Indiana were certainly within that radius.

I've searched very hard in the immediate area she was lost, and found nothing. I've put out hundreds of flyers and run various sorts of ads, yet no one has reported seeing her. In putting this online I'm turning over another stone.

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I'm so sorry about the dog, Charles.
Thanks, David.

Just got your email, haven't had time to read & respond.
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