Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We have a WINNER!

Three of them, actually...

1. The winner of "our" conspiracy theory contest is Nathalie Vogel. She was also the only official entrant. I had a fine conspiracy theory of my own, as did a colleague of mine. Strictly speaking, it's unclear that these were officially entered, so the awarding of 2nd and 3rd place is in a quandary; results will be announced after the attorneys have wrought their magic and run up their fees.

2. Unforeseen Contingencies wins! "We" predicted an Obama landslide. It appears that Barack Obama will win at least 360 electoral votes, better than 2/3 of them. "We" were right, and knew this in early July. How we figured this out will be explained in a future post.

3. America wins. Despite predictions to the contrary, we conducted an honest general election, and it didn't require an Orange Revolution. (Now if we could only do this for the primaries.)

More comments on the elections coming, but for now, Unforeseen Contingencies congratulates President Elect Obama, and wishes him great success. He has a set of daunting tasks ahead of him. I certainly hope he lives up to the hopes & trust placed in him.

(Photo: The President Elect realizes what's ahead?)

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