Friday, September 05, 2008

Hate speech, progressive style

I've been noting the hypocrisy of "progressives" and leftists who are incensed about the Palin nomination. So far as I can tell it's apparently that they think identity politics is their own private turf. Many of Hillary's supporters were explicit that they were for her because she's a woman, and it's one of Obama's big draws that he's black. We were told (correctly) it was "historic" that we'd have either a black man or a woman being nominee of "a major party." But What would they do if the first woman to "break the glass ceiling" were a conservative Republican?

Not historic at all, but a disaster...quelle catastrophe!

The wonderful Classically Liberal covered (scroll to the 30 August entry) a nasty rant in NYT against Governor Palin and the Republicans, from a female columnist who was outraged that McCain would pick a woman running mate, and claiming that a female running on the Republican ticket is "a step back" for women. Good grief, how idiotic! But it’s a fine demonstration of the hypocrisy of the "progressives." Since Palin isn't one of them, she doesn't count as a woman, I guess in the same way Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, or the great Walter Williams don't count as blacks.

And then, farther to the left...I've looked at some, well, I guess we'd call them "radical feminist" blogs, and learned, as "Code Pink" puts it, "Palin is not a woman's choice." I was thinking of posting some of the comments I’d found, but they are too foul, and there’s nothing funny about the hatred spewing from such kooks.

But just to give an idea, here’s something from a discussion thread on Palin on Code Pink’s site. The Administrator explains why she deleted a critic’s comment:

"Hey Eve,

Just to correct your misguided assumption, in fact CODEPINK was out in full force last week disrupting everything we could at the DNC. Please check your facts next time, before you post, as we’ll simply delete comments in the future that are stupid and wrong. We’ve also deleted your follow-up comment, which accused us of not believing in free speech unless it’s the freedom to kill babies, because not only was it nonsensical, but it violated our comment policy by being stupid."

Interestingly enough, the comment immediately preceding this was not deleted for being stupid, vicious, or anything else:

"Woo-hoo! WAY TO GO, CODE PINK! Show that f***ing breeder bitch and her retard baby that if she doesn’t drop out of this race she’s in for a thumping! Back to Alaska, you small-town loser!" (Note: censored by UC, not Code Pink. I don't want that language on my blog.)

OK, I get it. Palin isn’t "a woman’s choice" (even though millions of women will no doubt vote for her). Circulating crazy stories that her baby son is actually her grandson is just political discourse. Nominating a woman VP is "a step back" for women if she’s not a leftist. And "Youngstown Democrat’s" foul language isn’t hate speech, because it is directed at someone the leftists, umm, hate.

What a spectacle of hypocrisy.

Well, thank heavens there’s the Libertarian Party alternative, with its voice of reason and, and, and... oops.


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