Monday, August 25, 2008

Even Владимир Владимирович has his soft and cuddly side

But who is that with him?

it looks like Sputnik IX, my teddy bear. Nat
What??? How would he gotten hold of *your* teddy bear?

I was thinking it might be Дмитрий Анатольевич.

This obviously will require further inquiry.
it is the logical ending for a sputnik. Sputnik I, I cannot really remember but one thing I recall is that several of the following sputniks died on the operation table. One got lost and was never found again. After severe injuries and other major amputations, some just diappeared. Some ended without head, or lost eyes and ears. So ending on Vovchik's lap is in the same logic, I guess. NV
If your Sputnik really is with Comrade P., then this is hardly the end of the story, I'm sure. I suppose we'd better not discuss what you & S. are really up to, though, as apparently one of Putin's operatives, Comrade Dilorenzo, occasionally monitors this blog.
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