Thursday, June 26, 2008

Off to Montana!

Enough of this wet Iowa landscape. I'm taking off next for Montana, land of high prairies, snow-covered mountains, big grizzlies, and slow internet connections.

Well, we actually do have high speed connections, but I will likely have only sporadic access. And so dear readers (reader?) (Nat?) (anyone there?) my posting may be sporadic for the next month. But never doubt I'll return.

Best to all, and back soon!

(Photo: Pushups at 10,000 feet. Mats Roing & Charles Steele, Spanish Peaks, MT, July 2007. Faithful lab Dushka in foreground puzzles over this stunt.)

Hi Charles! Glad you're making it back to Big Sky Country! Gonna be in Great Falls?
I'm reading, Dr. Steele. Good luck.
J. Krudy
David: I'm indeed in GF. If you'd like to meet for coffee, let me know. You can contact me here or at steele_econ(at)

JK: Where are you for the summer, and what are you up to? Drop me a note on email.
Dr. Steele I am going to be embarrassed if you can do more pushups at 10,000 feet than I can do at sea level. How many are we talking here in that picture?
-J. Grabner
Darn -- Charles, I just now caught up with your comment -- if you're still here in GF, give me a call at at a location of your choosing!
JG: The number of pushups isn't a matter of public record, for security reasons (the Russians might be reading this). We'll have have to discuss this by more secure channels.

David: unfortunately, I'm now no longer in Montana. I will give you a call next time I'm in GF, though.
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