Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Conversation Between Two "Poets"

Editor's note: Unforeseen Contingencies is honored to be able to present to you a guest post by Nathalie Vogel, political scientist, libertarian, Atlanticist, and expert on contemporary Russia. We hope to post more commentary from Nathalie Vogel in the future.

For those who don't know, Eduard Limonov is the founder of Russia's facist New Bolshevik Party. And we all know who Radovan Karadzic is.

A Conversation Between Two "Poets"

By Nathalie I. VOGEL

There was a time when France greatly benefited from Russian brain-drain. Well, it certainly stopped the day a creature named Eduard Limonov received his French passport. The problem with Limonov, apart from the great amount of vulgarity that emanates from his "literature" and the nonsense he produces elsewhere, is that having been a victim of the Putin-regime, he has turned into some kind of an icon of free speech. Thanks to Putin, Limonov is now "untouchable" and a real "intellectual". In a world where Limonov is a democrat, anyone is free to worship Lenin for initiating genocides ...and anyone may even court people like Karadzic who are on the wanted list of the Hague Tribunal. Yes, in a world where Limonov is a respectable person, anything goes...

"Nicely" captures what I think is the essence of pan-slavic nationalism... stupid & incompetent racist thuggishness.

When I lived in Moscow the NBP had an weekly English-language paper; I read it regularly. It had some interesting articles, and a completely insane political viewpoint.

Thanks for the post, Nat!
Today, Limonov has one friend less "in freedom"...And our Serbian friends managed that all by themselves! Volim Srbju!
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