Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

This might as well become an annual holiday. Radical muslims are rioting over the Danish cartoons again. The consensus here at Unforeseen Contingencies is that most people in the West don't take this islamist intimidation sufficiently seriously. Don't forget that last time around, Bill Clinton, Louise Arbor (UN "Human Rights" commissioner) and the U.S. Dept. of State all spoke out - against the freedom of the Danish press.

It's a twisted and sick definition of "tolerance" that regards criticism of religion to be "intolerant," and tolerates violent reprisals by religious kooks against peaceful critics. I think it would be a good thing to reprint the cartoons annually, as a sort of celebration of freedom, a good way to remind us that freedom must be defended against violent intimidation.

So as part of what seems like it might well become a regular event, let me point out that Mohammed was not a prophet, the Quran is not the word of god, and Islam is not truth but mythology. It's all false. People have every right to believe otherwise, but no right at all to permit themselves to lose their minds over it, and cease to be civilized human beings.

Very well-stated. I just drew toons to express my views on Motoons and muzzies in general.

On the surface, these protests seem kind of silly. I mean no disrespect, what is the use of worshipping a all powerful god that can't defend his own honor? Surely, their god can easily dismiss the cartoons or exercise his own mode of discipline with the snap of a finger.

I believe in religious freedom, however, I am very suspicious of Islam. From my observations and reading articles about Islamic current events, I have come to the conclusion that most Muslims are indifferent to or support radical Islam.
Thanks for the comments.

Troll, Mohammed cartoons are good. Akita photos even better. But suppose we said that the Akitas were supposed to be Mohammed and published this in a Danish newspaper -- there'd be fatwas and riots and burnings of cars, even though the Akitas aren't really Mohammed, any more than the cartoons are.

Mars, I agree with you that Islam doesn't make much sense. I think it is clear, though, that most Muslims are not radical Muslims. There are over 1 billion Muslims in the world, and if even a large percentage were radicals the world would be a far more violent place. Most are people who are trying to get by in life, and happen to have some odd religious beliefs (not particularly odd as these things go, mind you). In the current case, demagogues with ulterior motives are stirring them up with imagined afronts. But there's nothing unique to Islam in this.

Thanks for visiting Troll Island. I need more male readers. It's about 90/10 currently.

If you get past buzzwords like "radical" and "terrorism" and "islamicists", it gets down to this, in my opinion.

Virtually all muzzies believe in Jihad. It's the cornerstone of the faith. It's the ONLY sure path to paradise. The ONLY thing you can do to absolve yourself of all past "sins".

There are muzzies who reject or are disinterested in specific declarations of Jihad. Few Michigan muzzies give a darn about Chechyna, for example. But can we truly say that makes them non-radical?

There are muzzies who think specific tactics like suicide-bombings of child civilians are distasteful. But can we say that means they're moderates?

There are muzzies who don't want to live under strict Sharia Law. I'd say most muzzies don't truly believe world-wide Sharia Law and it's intrinsic "peace" will be happening anytime soon. But can we say they aren't islamists?

I say with Jihad as a core tenet and the ONLY sure path to salvation, we can't.

If I could pick ONE thing the West is most ignorant about, it's Jihad. Remember how mystified the media was when it turned out 5 of the 9/11 boys had been bacon-chomping, booze-swilling whoremongers most of their lives?

They shouldn't have been. Convincing people of that type that ONLY dying in Jihad absolves them of all that porcine sin has been a tactic for 800 years.

And it's why muzzies focus so hard on their prison recruitment.
Well, of the Muslims I've known fairly well, I don't think this describes them at all. Two are libertarians, and one a moderate liberal Democrat (he was born in Pakistan). None have a concept of jihad that includes killing unbelievers. So yes, I'd say they are Muslims, yet not Islamists.

Jihad is the fast track to heaven, but what qualifies as jihad is crucial.

Thanks for your comment, and good luck with your efforts on improving Troll Island's readership demographics. At UC, if I even get a reader, I consider it both a triumph and an unexpected treat.
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