Thursday, February 07, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

...and before I could even comment on his health care plans.

Mitt Romney has quit. Good. Romney’s approach was classic big government: everything should either be mandatory or outlawed. For example

"There’s a big problem - some people don’t have health insurance. It’s too expensive. How can we fix this?"

"Hey, I know. Let’s just make it illegal. If they don’t buy health insurance, will prosecute ‘em, garnishee their wages, and make’em buy it!"

This was Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts solution to the problem of insurance. The genius of the idea is, of course, that since everyone must buy, there can be no adverse selection problems. Hence insurance will be affordable, and the system will be financially sound (the plan has incurred only $250,000,000 in debt to date).
Mitt Romney did more than anyone else to promote universal mandatory health insurance. He’s done a great deal of harm to America with his socialized medicine nonsense. He might possibly have been the best of the "serious" candidates running, but that’s hard to say, since no one knows what his fundamental principles really are.

So good riddance to Romney. And to Ron Paul: it’s time to get to work. You have a big war chest. Opponents of big government hate McCain. Huckabee has exposed himself as a dangerous religious fanatic. Put everything you can into your libertarian message. This is a rare opportunity for liberty. Make the most of it.

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