Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Giuliani: Good Riddance

I’m delighted that Giuliani has been eliminated. Next to Huckabee, he’s the worst of the Republicans. I lived in NYC when he ran against David Dinkins for mayor. He was far better that Dinkins, but, frankly, dreadful. It was only by New York City's terrible standards that he could be acceptable.

He's very statist, and very corrupt. My South American friends described him as a fascist, which frankly seems a fairly accurate characterization. Yes, the term is bandied about so much that it’s almost lost most meaning, but he’s an authoritarian: great respect for power, none at all for law.

If Huckabee falls next, as I suspect, the two worst Republican threats to liberty are gone. (I take comfort where I can.) Edwards ran a poor third in Florida, incidentally. After his "also ran" showing in his home state, isn’t it time that this 'worst Democrat' surrendered too?

You don't consider the current presumptive GOP forerunner a threat to liberty? Do you think it's OK if U.S. troops stay in Iraq for the next 100 years, just as long as they don't suffer too many casualties?
Thanks for the comment.

Name two Republican candidates who aren't a threat to liberty. (Hint: you can't.) I'm simply happy to see a particularly bad one go.

McCain is awful. Giuliani is much worse, though. I don't support continued occuaption of Iraq (and opposed the invasion before it took place). But consider that McCain doesn't seem to be a neoconservative, while Giuliani has explicitly taken on neocons as his foreign policy advisors. If we're stuck with this occupation, we'd be better off with a hardnosed military man than ideological philosophers.

When I mentioned my Latin American friends, I'm referring in particular to Argentines I knew in grad school. They remarkerd that Giuliani reminded them of Peronists.

I'm happy to see him leave; I hope Huckabee leaves soon, and that Paul does well enough to stay in and start getting his message to a wider audience.
Coincidentally ... the first time I ever voted was in a couple of elections when Peron returned (within six months of each other). But Peron was a military man, as is McCain, whereas Giuliani is not. And Argentines (most Latin Americans for that matter) are sick and tired of that kind of "politician."
Yes, since in South America there was and there is REAL fascism, we know it´s meaning better than Americans.

I don´t know if Giuliani is really fascist, but he gets really something like that.
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