Thursday, January 03, 2008

AEA-ASSA: A New Year’s Note from New Orleans

С Новым Годом!

For the next three days, Team Unforeseen Contingencies will be blogging live from the American Economic Association-Allied Social Sciences Associations 2008 Annual Convention. Oh, the action, the thrills, the edge-of-the-seat excitement as "we" bring you the breaking developments as economists from around the world gather and, and, and... umm, talk a lot about heterogeneity and aggregate fluctuations in directed search equilibria, stock dynamics and realized volatility of daily returns and option prices, and agglomerative wage premia in employment clusters.

I jest a bit - there's actually a lot of interesting stuff going on here, perhaps even including the papers whose titles I’ve paraphrased above, so it's a perfect time to blog...particularly since I finally have a fast internet connection for the first time in my Christmas break travels. More to come!

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