Monday, November 12, 2007

Name That Crime!

Name the crime that resulted in the death of an American worker and the ruin of his family.

Everyone knows that crime destroys the fabric of society. Violence, theft, fraud -- all of it makes us all less safe, and should be stopped. Right? Unforeseen Contingencies thinks so.

Well, earlier this year, in New Bedford MA the feds caught a band of outlaws who had clearly violated federal law. Their crime? Sneaking across the U.S. border so that they could work, contributing to the American economy and making us all better off. Horrors!

Oh, wait, this isn't a crime. After all, there’s no victim, none at all, only beneficiaries, So what's the crime?

The crime is the legal persecution of people who are working, minding their own business, and violating no one else’s rights. There are victims aplenty of this terrible law. In a terribly tragic footnote to the story, one of the workers is dead, and his wife and child now forced onto the American taxpayer, simply in order to save the child’s life.

What the hell is America doing? Why do we insist on destroying our own liberty and others’ lives, all for the benefit of reducing our own incomes. You can listen to the tragic story of this worker and his family here.

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