Wednesday, September 19, 2007

UC is Back!

By Popular Demand, Unforeseen Contingencies is back. Two online comments, two offline, each from a different source. This is a far greater readership than I’d ever imagined possible, a readership obviously hungry for insightful analysis, eager for intelligent and witty commentary… and yet nevertheless faithful to UC.

“Our” hiatus stemmed from a summer with unusually slow dialup, an unusually time-consuming project (evaluating an economics program at a small liberal arts college hidden somewhere in America’s boondocks), and my growing horror at current events – I’m not happy dwelling on the growing American catastrophe.

But, dear readers, the public clamor (four comments more than I would have expected) reminds me that I have a responsibility to the public. And while I’m trying to figure out what that might be, here’s more of Unforeseen Contingencies!

[Thanks NV, Bruno, Jeff, Richard; I actually am very flattered that you all checked to see if I was posting anything new.]

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