Friday, August 17, 2007

Not Dead Yet! the Ukrainian national anthem puts it.

I am still alive and well, having survived a good dose of summer fun, including two ultramarathons, a close encounter with a grizzly, several mountaineering expeditions, and various other activities. Owing to rather slow connectivity and the awkwardness of blogger since it became a member of the google family, I've been out of the blogosphere...

But stay tuned... the foreseeable future contains more (and better!) Unforeseen Contingencies than ever!

I was already looking into the option of a search and rescue op... NV
Are you sure? It's starting to look like a 70s comedy moment (was it Carry on Up the Khyber?), where the corpse raises its head to deny that it's dead, only to collapse again a moment later.
I suppose you are familiar with Monty Python's humorous treatment of the Black Death --"bring out yer dead, bring out yer dead!"

I'm not dead yet. Really.

I am, however, busier than I'd ever hoped I'd be. But I am still alive. I will be back. Really.
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