Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Moving Higher

Time out.

Michigan is too low and too flat for my taste, and I am overdue for a little more altitude and steeper slopes. I’ll be joining my climbing an adventure partner, Mats the Crazy Swede Roing in New Hampshire’s White Mountains for a few days of training. Mats just finished his attempt at the winter speed record for the 48 summits of the Whites. He was on track for the record until late storms blew him off the mountains. We’ll be doing some of the peaks he missed, maybe some ice climbing, or slush surfing, or whatever conditions present us. This is all prep for our planned attempt on the summer record in July. And whatever we do it will be fun!

For your viewing enjoyment, a few photos from Mats’ recent attempt. (And yes, 48 summits means 480 summit pushups.)

I'll be back soon.

Mats is legendary.

Anyone who puts fear in Steele is a person to be reckoned with.
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