Saturday, December 02, 2006

Penguins vs. Conservatives (2)

It's foolish of me to think I can have a penguin story without a penguin picture. Penguins challenge (and I think surpass) koalas and kittens for sheer cuteness, and any mention of penguins that doesn't include an actual penguin, or at least a picture of one, will disappoint.

So here it is.

Re: Cold Tux & Fishsticks
Interesting article on penguins, and I'm sure one close to the Steele heart that loves to romp around the Snow Queen's wilds :-P.
Thoughts on free range bovine: Well, yes, they used to run free and is the very reason why Native Americans were in such puzzlement when EU cattle farmers forced them to sign papers of contract entrapment.
Back to penguins - I don't collect silly mini-statues that often sit on dusty 'old lady' mantles of the feathery marsupium, but I loved the movie 'March of the Penguins'. While seeing it I was amazed at the fiercity of nature's call and instincts of return in conditions that nothing more than the hardiest of souls could endure for their breeding and cultivating grounds. So, it's a black tie only affair, and my hat's off to you, my fluffy friends the Super Penguin!
Thanks for the note, Sherry.

The American bison (which I think is the example you are raising, re the previous post) is a great example of my point. The only way a bison could be claimed was to kill it. This works well enough when there are relatively few people who do not have technology capable of mass killing, as was the case with the American Indians.

When Europeans arrived, they generally did not recognize Indian claims, either to land or buffalo, and were able to turn the west into an open access commons. In this state, land was not particularly subject to destruction, but the bison were.

The hypocrisy was in not recognizing the prior claims of the Indians (and also in writing & signing agreements that did recognize Indian claims and then reneging on them.
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