Thursday, October 05, 2006

Memo to Democrats

One of the most despicable and corrupt Republicans in the U.S. Congress, Montana Senator Conrad Burns, appears to be headed for a resounding defeat. Burns has trailed his leading opponent by at least seven percentage points all year. Interestingly, his Democratic challenger, John Tester, has openly called for repeal of the misnamed PATRIOT Act, bless him. (Watch the video on the link.) It’s telling that conservative Republicans are having difficulties in Montana…a hardly a leftist state.

UC doesn’t endorse Tester, but since he’ll be one of the new members of what will be, it’s hoped, a Democratic Congress, “we” wish him well. And in particular, to all the new Democrats who’ll be elected, don’t forget what it is that’s bad about the Republicans… they: lust for power, crush individual rights, spend crazily, ignore the Constitution, and violate the law….this is really what is wrecking the Republican Party and turning voters against them, not that they aren’t providing enough transfers to their base. Forget socializing medicine, stealing our guns, and all the other things your leadership will call for. Get the government under some sort of control, and your continued electoral success will be assured.

After all, it’s Burns’ contemptible behavior, his arrogance, his corruption, and even his skill at bringing in pork that has turned Montanans against him. Take a lesson and don’t do the same.

As usual, an ulterior motive for the post…what I am really doing here is endorsing Montana Libertarian candidate Stan “Blue Man” Jones…not that he’s perfect, but anything to spite McCain-Feingold and keep free speech alive and well.

That, plus one more very important thought for the Democrats: when it comes to impeachment, remember…Cheney first!

Does that make the Libertarians the Blue Man group?

You think you've got it bad? We're represented by Rick Santorum. Ugh. I haven't seen the poll numbers and probably don't want to.
I'm in Ukraine right of my former students was just telling me "I'm ashamed that we now have a criminal running our country" (P.M. Yahnukovych).

Since they seem to be a pretty homogeneous group, maybe there should be a special country set aside just for all the politicians... let 'em have all the fun they want w/o hurting anyone but themselves.
Alas Mr. Jones, from what I saw of his participation in a debate, is a loon with conspiracy theories up the wazoo. I really wish the tin-foil hat nutcases would find another party.
As I am fervently anti-Santorum, I agreed to have his oppt's sign up in my yard. Then last night I saw one of his campaign commercials and it was rabidly anti-immigrant jingoism. I'd prefer not to be represented at all given my two choices here.
CLS, I fully concur with your evaluation of the Blue Man. But sometimes a loon is the best you can do. (It is indeed a pity that the LP is so full of kooks, most of whom have a poor understanding of libertarianism.)

Gerard, I feel your pain. Sometimes the two evils are so dreadful it's impossible to identify the lesser one. And no representation beats dreadful representation.

Here in Michigan, the two major party candidates for governor were tripping over each other condemning Bush for not saving the U.S. auto industry by interfering with Japanese imports. There's a Libertarian candidate with no chance of winning, so despite the fact that he may (or may not) be a kook, it's safe for me to endorse him.
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