Friday, September 15, 2006

George Bush and the Military Commissions Bill of 2006

Credit where it’s due: the Republicans in Congress have finally begun to act as though they really believe that there should be at least moderate constraints on the power of government to torture people never convicted of a crime, or whatever else it is the man who would be king wants to do.

Only an evil man (see photo) would insist on being granted the power to torture (e.g. waterboarding) against individuals simply because paid informants had denounced them.

It’s “a little” late for these Republicans to begin waking up to the dangers of a police state. Where were they when Real ID and Animal ID passed? (Passing these Orwellian measures, that’s where.) But better late than never. May this be a real awakening and not just last minute pre-election political expediency. America is plunging headlong into a full-blown police state, and opportunities to stop it are dwindling.

[Footnote for Americans: you DO know that the federal government has already passed Real ID, which requires that you have a biometric federally approved ID card to travel, engage in financial transactions, and receive health care, which is being federalized? You DO know that starting 2008 you’ll be required by law to implant an ID chip in your dog, cat, horse, cow, or pig, and notify the feds whenever you leave home with them? You DO know that Verichip Inc. has already developed FDA approved technology to do this to you as well, don’t you?

All of this 666 stuff is courtesy of George and his Republicans. How bizarre that “let’s return to the Clinton era” could actually become a libertarian slogan.]

Of course, as it turned out, the Republican backbone proved to be made of lemon jelly.

Hopefully democrats will replace them, and bring us gridlock government.
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