Thursday, January 19, 2006

Endorsement: for President in 2008

In defiance of McCain-Feingold, I am making the following endorsement, and accepting donations, corporate or otherwise, in any amounts, from anyone.

Unforeseen Contingencies officially endorses for U.S. President Swami Beyondanda, and his "Right to Laugh" Party"

"We have the right and duty to laugh at our leaders, particularly those times when their actions are either seriously foolish or foolishly serious. We have the right to help them laugh with each other and at themselves, and if they are incapable of doing that, we have the right to laugh them out of power."

(From the Right-to-Laugh Manifesto)

Check out Swami's site, join the movement, laugh at Bush et al., and send me money (I will likely need for my legal defense).

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