Friday, August 05, 2005

Libertarian Survives Self-Inflicted Ordeal

I’ve returned from the mountains, having satisfied the three fundamental criteria for a successful expedition:

1. We returned alive.
2. We had fun.
3. We trashed ourselves.

I will return to posting essays here shortly, while my body heals and I catch up on missed work. In the meantime, a few brief words about our trip.

We did not manage to achieve either of the two big goals of the week: summitting Granite Peak in Montana and doing a 24 hour trailhead to summit to trailhead attempt of Gannett Peak in Wyoming. We (climbing partner Mats Roing and I) made two two-day attempts on Granite. Given our current climbing abilities (rope & gear needed) and condition this was a three day project for us. Mid-week we were joined by Rainer Wackermann for a backpack trip and nice scramble up the side of Black Mountain, also in the Beartooth-Absaroka Wilderness in Montana. Mats and I did summit Tempest Mountain (listed as sixth highest named summit by America’s Roof) and also saw a wolverine on the side of Granite itself. At the end of the week I also soloed most of CD Couloir on Bridger Peak (just north of Bozeman MT) featuring some very nice slab scrambling – left the couloir for .30-30 Ridge only when rain threatened to turn things into an impassable mess.

We did not attempt the 24 hour Gannett project. I think that we’d need to go into this one well-rested and feeling 100% to have a reasonable chance of pulling it off. It remains on the list of future projects, as does Granite.

I may post a few photos here when available. I will return to posting weekly essays next week.

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Well, as I understand this, you are saying,

"The devil is salty in the blogs. Pero believes that encounters aren't frequently between those who blog in English and those who blog in Castillian, if alone because the blogs in Spanish are much more poorly catalogued by Google."

While I am pretty sure I have misunderstood you, this is still an interesting point. And indeed, I have few comments left in Spanish, whether Castillian or any other form.

Gracias for you comment.
Here's second interpretation of Roberto's comment:

"The devil is unleashed in blogs and I think we will find it more frequently in the blogs where people speak English than in blogs where people speak Spanish, and that is because the blogs in Spanish are translated wrongly by gogle [Google]."

Well, this doesn't throw additional light on the meaning of the comment. But when it comes to mistranslation and poor cataloging by Google you ought to see what happens to Russian language blogs! And don't even get me started on Chinese ones.
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