Saturday, May 09, 2020

We are not shut down

Today, May 9 (Victory Day!) I attended the commissioning of two new lieutenants into the United States Marine Corps.  One of them, Tim R., is my student.  In addition, four more of our students took their oaths of office in other parts on the country, including my student Kyle F. in NJ.

The ceremony here at [redacted] was quite moving.  One of our business profs, a former Marine officer, gave an address that beautifully explained the oath of office, its meaning, its connection to our Constitution and our liberty, and what we all must do if we expect to be free.  It was a brisk morning sunny and a steady breeze.  The ceremony was well attended, with more than 100 people.  Flakes of snow fell at the end.

I sent photos to a number of people -- various friends, relatives, current and past students, profs who couldn't make it.  Responses poured in -- people in at least half a dozen states sent greetings, thnaks, wishes for God's blessings, and saying how heartened they are at seeing this.  Apparently "Oorah!" is more popular with real Americans than "cower in place."

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