Monday, August 19, 2013

Unforeseen Contingencies announces new policy!

Starting today, "we" will no longer follow the "DiLorenzo redaction rule," i.e. we'll no longer redact our place of employment.

This blog is entirely a personal endeavor so I've always taken pains not to list my place of employment.  In the time since I started this blog, I've had multiple employers plus a good deal of independent consulting work, and out of courtesy to my employers I keep my private musings separate from the my professional work.  But my places of employment have never really been a secret and I have indeed mentioned them occasionally.

This policy led to the most amusing comment I've ever heard about me, from Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo, and ever since I've kept myself entertained and my readers (I do indeed seem to have readers! still!) by following the Dilorenzo redaction rule.  But given what my next post will be, it's too much to keep redacting, and besides, I need some new description on my masthead.

But I'm preserving the previous one here, b/c these still are among my favorite comments. Thank you, Tom! Thank you, Walter!

"[S]omeone who "lives" in three states plus "the former Soviet Union." He sounds like he lives in his car and lists no place of employment! Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo

"I can’t say that I’m all that enamored of him." Prof. Walter Block

Of course, "we" at Unforeseen Contingencies never actually implemented our retraction of the redaction rule. Hence, while de jure it is gone, de facto it's stronger than ever.

Informal institutions rule!
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