Sunday, August 30, 2015

Champions of racism and violence: "Black Lives Matter"

These days, few things are more important than constantly reminding oneself to eschew political correctness.  Political correctness is all about censorship, of self and others, with the goal of shutting down critical thought.  It's a tool for creating politically obedient serfs.

One of the more ridiculous manifestations of political correctness is the "Black Lives Matter Movement" (hereafter BLMM; BLM is reserved for an agency of the Department of the Interior).  In comments on my previous post, an anonymous reader took me to task for misunderstanding the BLMM.  "Of course Alison's life matters, what happened to her is an absolute tragedy but you're an ass for bringing race into this. You have missed the entire point of the black lives matter movement. Everyone wants to be the victim" writes Anonymous.

Whether I'm an ass or not is not for me to say, but if I am it is not for what Anonymous charges. There's no point in debating Flanagan's racism. In his manifesto, Flanagan imagined himself waging race war.  He, not I, brought race "into this."  I had already heard this when I wrote my post.  Victim?  Anon misses my point -- I despise victimhood and people who make victimhood an important part of their identity.  But let's get to Anonymous' real charge -- that I have missed the point of the BLMM.  Well, no I haven't.  BLMM is a racist, pro-violence, leftist totalitarian movement.  Consider the following BLMM claims:
OK, I get it.  "Black lives" (which presumably do not include Ben Carson, Condoleeza Rice, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Herman Cain, and especially not Clarence Thomas) are special.  After all, there's a big white conspiracy to exterminate the "black race" and police are systematically executing them everywhere.  And white people are inherently racist, as is America.  Or at least, that's what BLMM tells us.

It's a nonsensical worldview.  But if one actually believed it, why would one form a group like BLMM to advocate reform?  If you were a member of a tiny oppressed minority, facing extermination, wouldn't you flee... the way Yazidis, say, really have fled ISIS along with hundreds of thousands of others?  No, the BLMM claims are hokum, and they obviously don't really believe them themselves.  There is no police conspiracy against blacks, no white conspiracy against blacks, no epidemic of young black men being executed by police.

So what is BLMM really about?  It's a radical leftwing group, promoting leftwing power.  If you want to understand this group, watch the video on this link in which "racist" Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders are driven off stage for insufficiently prostrating themselves to the BLMM mob.  It's actually pretty funny, especially O'Malley's earnestness and the even more over-the-top earnestness of the doofus on stage interviewing him.  I also enjoyed the overwrought "victims" -- the woman crying, and the one leading chants about burning cities down after the police execute her.  But the best is BLMM leader Comrade Tia Oso, who smilingly describes all of this as a "conversation."  That's also funny, but it's black humor.  Or perhaps we should call it red humor; she has Josef Stalin's understanding of "conversation:" all opponents will be silenced.  We should take this seriously.  Our left has a totalitarian mentality, and they mean to make this our reality.

The point of BLMM is to empower the left.  The movement has nothing to do with protecting black people* or promoting justice. If it did, it would not defend violent criminals such as Michael Brown.  Even Eric Holder's racist DoJ couldn't make a case against Darren Wilson -- Brown's death was justifiable self-defense against a violent criminal.  But I can't say this nearly as eloquently as Peggy Hubbard.  She exposes BLMM as defenders of criminals who don't give a damn about black people.  BLMM defends criminals purely for political purposes.  It is an evil and disgusting organization.

* It may seem a minor point, but the very name "Black Lives Matter" is stupid.  What is a "black life?"  There are black people's lives and white people's lives, etc.  But "black lives?"  I wonder if Clarence Thomas is leading a "black life..." or Peggy Hubbard, for that matter.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Don't forget, it's racist to say "White Lives Matter."

Left to right: Alison Parker, Adam Ward, Vester Flanagan.  It is racist to say Parker's life matters or Ward's life matters, and racist if we don't say Flanagan's life matters.  At least, that's what our progressive friends tell us.

(Note: an earlier photo I posted here misidentified a gentleman as Flanagan.  The photo was posted on several news outlets and identified as Flanagan and I followed suit.  I  am unable to determine who the man is, but I apologize to him.  A reader who apparently likes the "black lives" movement and takes me to task for correctly applying their favorite memes at an inopportune time was kind enough to point out my error.  The above is Flanagan.  BBC says so.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back in Action

Forgive my brief hiatus.   A variety of events crowded out blogging, ranging from work to dealing with my mother's recent health problems.  These things are largely resolved, but I've missed blogging on a number of important things, including Barack Obama's attempt to guarantee nuclear weapons to Iran, the wreckage of Greece, the rise of Donald Trump, the collapse of Hillary Clinton, and a couple of personal events, most notably my age group victory in "Running Lungs 5K," and my successful completion of what is now billed as the Elkhorn 52K.  I will rectify these things shortly.  Stay tuned.

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