Thursday, February 12, 2009

Freedom in Britain, R.I.P.

Today Geert Wilders was denied entry into the U.K., because his film "Fitna" goes beyond acceptable speech.

Watch the film (available below), and then explain to me why "Fitna" is unacceptable, but the following is acceptable.

20 Feb. update: as I expected, You Tube has again removed "Fitna" for terms of use violation. One can find all sorts of crazy pro-Islam nonsense, but this beautiful and thought-provoking film is beyond the pale for them, too. If anyone has a stable source for the film, please let me know.

Update: CLS keeps the film available on his excellent blog. For the URL, check the first comments for this post.

You can find the film here:

Anticipating that various service providers would be threatened or pressured into dropping the film I downloaded and then uploaded it to my own site to avoid the film regularly being unavailabe.
Thanks, CLS!
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