Sunday, November 12, 2023

Israel and Civilization vs. the Final Solutionists

Unforeseen Contingencies has always been a set of notes written -- mostly, but not entirely, by Chief Blogger Charles N. Steele -- primarily for the benefit of Chief Blogger Charles N. Steele.  This post is no different.  Maybe someday "we'll" go public (and viral) (the rest of the Unforeseen Contingencies staff keeps urging this), but for now this remains "our" sandbox for exploring ideas with ourselves.  Hence this post.

Benjamin Netanyahu apparently has declared that Israel will not stop fighting until all of Hamas is either killed or has surrendered.  He has also apparently said that the Fatah "Palestinian"* Authority will not govern post-war Gaza.  I hope and pray both are true and that they come to pass.  Hamas and its clones, e.g. "Palestinian" Islamic Jihad, are final solutionists who work for the elimination of Israel, the murder of all Jews, and establishment of a global Islamic state.  They stand for the most brutal oppression, and must themselves be completely exterminated if there is to be freedom and peace.  That should be obvious.

But what about the noncombatant "Palestinians?"  Overwhelmingly they have supported the "river to the sea" extermination of Israel.  Arab muslims of the area who have opposed this and worked against Hamas and Fatah excepted, the "Palestinians" have supported the goal of exterminating Israelis and Jews.  Any sympathy for them is misplaced.  The proper way to deal with them is to do whatever is necessary to crush their spirits.  They should be like Germans and Japanese in 1945, so utterly crushed that they abandon their murderous ways.  Then, and only then, can there be peace.  And, like the Germans and Japanese of 1945, when they come to that realization, that their dreams of dominance are destroyed and they face annihilation unless they surrender, then there is great hope for them.  Only then.

One would think these basic lessons of history would be obvious, but they are not.  Regardless, they are true.

What of the "protestors" around the world who clamor for "Free 'Palestine?'"  They are no different from Nazis who marched prior to Kristallnacht, ginning themselves up for the first step in final solutionism. The leftist rabble stands intersectionality -- they are pro-transgender anti-racist pro-socialist pro-green anti-Israel anti-white anti-Jew -- in the final analysis, anti-reason and anti-life. They differ from Nazis only in their internationalism.

I don't see how their views can be accommodated in a free society.  Israeli women are raped until their pelvises break.  Israeli babies are murdered in their cribs and decapitated.  Israeli family members are tied up and slowly dismembered in front of each other.   A non-Jewish (Thai) Israeli farm worker is gutshot and then decapitated alive.  In response, the "Free 'Palestine'" rioters scream for the eradication of Jews "from the river to the sea."  They are no different from genuine Nazis, and should be treated as such.

We live in very dark times.  Some of our countrymen are possessed by the darkest evil.

We did not ask for this.  But since it's given to us, let us do what is right.  B'ezras Hashem.


* The words "Palestinian" and "Palestine," should usually be in "scare quotes," which really mean "so-called."  There was never a country called "Palestine" nor a nationality or people called "Palestinian."  The word Palestine, properly used, refers to a geographic region, similar to "Sahel" or "Great Plains."  In all political uses it should be "Palestinian," the shortened version of "so-called Palestinian."

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