Friday, September 29, 2023

Principles and Diane Feinstein

 Diane Feinstein passed away today at the age of 90.  She was a serving U.S. Senator, and in the fashion of these times, was already too aged and decrepit to govern her own life, but still an important official in the most powerful government in the world.

Other fashions: when an opponent of leftist ideas dies, it's the custom of leftists to rejoice and say vile things about the person, and when a leftist dies, it's the custom of conservatives to lament the passing.  Being neither a leftist nor a conservative I will do neither.  Diane Feinstein did great harm to liberty and to America.  She was a fierce advocate of disarming Americans, while being armed herself.   If she had her way she would have stolen our firearms and killed those of us who resist.  She voted for massive, invasive, intrusive government.  For years she employed an enemy agent as a chauffeur, and she worked to facilitate enemy activity in America.

Still, I won't rejoice in Diane Feinstein's death; I will simply say that I'm glad she's no longer able to harm us.  It would have been better if she had retired years ago, or better yet, joined the cause of reason and liberty.  But we take what we get.  Diane Feinstein is out of the Senate.  Good riddance.

Photo: Fenix Ammunition has a slightly different take on Sen. Feinstein.  "We" at Unforeseen Contingencies have some on order.

The GOP Debates

 Sept. 27: As I write this, the Republican debate is on!  "Exciting!"

The seven candidates who are debating are, taken as a whole, the choice of 33% of Republican voters.  Donald Trump has the other two-thirds, if any polls are to be believed.  Apparently the candidates are debating which one of them should have the full one-third, and the debate seems an exercise in futility.

There are only two of them who would be suitable as President.  America is being dismantled by the left.  If America and liberty are to be preserved, it will be absolutely necessary to deal harshly with the administrative state and with the left.  The only two candidates on stage who give an inkling of understanding this are Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy.  The others are supporters of the status quo on these essentials, especially with the administrative state (or in Doug Burgum's case, apparently oblivious to such issues). 

It seems likely that Trump will be the nominee, and if he isn't, the Republican Party will have a difficult time assembling voters.  The task of the Democrat Party will be so much easier they might be able to win honestly.  I suspect a non-Trump GOP candidate will draw fewer votes than Trump did in 2016, never mind 2020.  I think a large percentage of Republican voters think the party leadership has contempt for them, and the feeling is mutual.  It's a bit early for predictions, but I suspect a Democrat will "win," by hook or by crook, in 2024.

Hence I'm ignoring the debates.

Sept. 29: This was to be posted two days ago, but it was hung up in drafts.  Here it is, two days late.  The world can now stop holding its breath.

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