Tuesday, January 25, 2022

 A quick note to President Erdogan and the people of Turkey: I, an American, can afford to eat bananas.  I realize this is highly controversial and perhaps an insult to Turkish national pride, but at least I'm not a Syrian.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Chaos: 2007-2022

I am sad to report that our little friend Chaos passed away today. She had kidney failure; it came on very quickly. So far as I know, she was born in 2007, but I first met her in winter-spring 2008. She was a wonderful dog, and we did many, many miles together and stuck together in various difficult times. Julie also loved her dearly. We will miss her. Photo: Chaos in our yard, Jan. 3 2022.

Saturday, January 01, 2022

2022: Let's Go Brandon!

C Новым Годом, beloved readers!  ("We" have readers?)  Well, whether we do or not... Happy 2022 and best wishes to you for this year!

The Unforeseen Contingencies team has been lax in getting up posts, and there's so much we should be posting about.  But never fear, 2022 shall bring our rectification of this oversight.  What is it the Biden* admin has said, "Try to lower expectations?"  

Well, fie on that.  "We" at Unforeseen Contingencies urge you to raise your expectations.  Expect more!  Expect more from us.  And expect more from yourself.  Expect more from your officials.  Expect more from your friends and neighbors.  Hold all -- starting with yourself, and then us -- to higher standards.  If you do this, you can expect more from life.  If we all follow through on this, then annuit coeptis.

Since it's the first of the year, it's high time for our annual forecast.  We skipped it last year due to the unsettled nature of things in the political dimension.  But the chaotic swirling in the tea leaves of reality have settled sufficiently that we can almost make out the writing on the fortune cookie fortune on the bottom.  So here goes:

1. President Brandon, a.k.a. Zhou Baiden, will stay in office through 2022.  His handlers and physicians will keep him, or his corpse, sufficiently animated that a Democrat replacement will not need to step in until 2023.  The staff of our presidential succession desk assures me that a VP who takes over with less than half of a term left is Constitutionally eligible to serve two further terms.  Hence the wait to get rid of this senile puppet.

2. Kamala Harris will not stay in office through 2022.  The puppet masters don't care that she's malignant.  But she's dumb as a post and willful, and that doesn't work so well.  She can't be easily controlled, and the amount of vote rigging she'd need to win in 2024 is just too much effort.  Easier to boot her.  She'll go.

3. SCOTUS will punt on the Bai Den vaxx mandate.  This is a hard one.  There's no Constitutional argument for a mandate.  This idea that the federal government has any business declaring that substances must be injected into peoples' bodies is insane.  It's totalitarian and satanic as well, but unConstitutional should be enough for the Supreme Court.  Unfortunately,  Sotomayor, Breyer, and Kagan are largely doctrinaire progressives (i.e. totalitarians) and Roberts, Barrett, and Kavanaugh are scoundrels without principles.  Roberts is blackmailed -- he does not want his illegal adoptions exposed -- and no doubt there are threats made against Barrett and Kavanaugh as well.  So much for their oaths of office.  That leaves the thoughtful and principled Thomas and Alito, and -- half the time -- Gorsuch.  The elites who hope to vaxx and chip everyone want the vaxx mandate upheld, and will pressure SCOTUS.  But I'm predicting that Roberts, Barrett, and Kavanaugh also fear the civil disturbance and violence that would follow from a vaxx mandate, hence they'll punt the issues back to lower courts.  Count on it, they do NOT want to make a decision.  It's a hot potato of violence.

4. The discovery of extra-terrestrial life will be announced.  This is a little different from my usual wild card prediction, which is that extra terrestrial life will be discovered.  There will be an official announcement by the U.S. federal government (USG) of the discovery of extra-terrestrial life.  The announcement might or might not be true, but it will be made.  Count on it.

5. Hyperinflation will occur, accompanied by food shortages.  For a hit on this, two things must happen.  First, there must be an official USG announcement of double digit inflations, and second, some major news outlet must write about shortages of staples such as a meat in a major metropolitan area.  We are closer to this than you, dear reader, might think.  Stock up.

6. The fifth vaxx booster will be authorized.  This insanity is not going to stop on its own.  The half of the population that is driven by fear and that imagines compliance to be a great virtue won't stop on its own, either.  Things will come to an inevitable and unpleasant head.  I suspect it will not be until 2023, so the prediction here simply pertains to the booster authorization.

There you are, dear reader, six predictions for 2022.  They will come true.  Bet on it.  And our forecasting desk is hard at work developing four more which we'll post later, because a list without ten entries is decadent.

Happy New Year!

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