Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Mental Illness as a Weltanschauung

Weltanschauung -- that's how we erudite types say "worldview." A worldview is a perspective, or a system of thought, that includes an ideology but so much more. It is a complete view of existence...the universe, man's place in it, and how this applies to one's own life. Today's "woke-ism," or cultural marxism, is a worldview that promotes mental illness as the ideal and permanent state.  Consider: 
  •  The normal state of the "woke" is anger and outrage.  The "woke" are perpetually unhappy.
  • "Woke" individuals are encouraged to see themselves as victims and to blame others for their problems.  It is exactly the opposite of Rational Emotive Therapy, one of the most successful psychological therapies.  RET teaches one to take personal responsibility and take personal actions to solve one's own problems.  "Woke-ism" teaches neurosis.
  • The woke lose touch with reality. Woke-ism teaches psychosis:
    • Mathematics is racist.  Right answers, showing your work and hence reasoning all are racist.
    • Yes, that means physics must be "woke."  At the vanguard is "feminist glaciology."  (Yes, this is real...surreal, but real.)
    • There's no such thing as intelligence; the concept was developed to promote white supremacy and is racist and sexist.
    • Grammar is racist.
    • Men can become women, women can become men, there are 29 "sexualities" or 64 genders or 112 with and additional 71 modifiers and regardless, all of this must be enshrined in law and those who don't agree must be punished.
    • The police are engaged in a war on black people and have killed hundreds or thousands of unarmed black men annually.
    • America was founded in 1619, not 1776, and the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were written to enshrine white supremacy.
    • The First Amendment should not protect speech, writing, and religion that the "woke" find offensive.
    • White people are inherently racist; it is impossible for them not to be racist.  It is impossible for non-white people to be racist.  
    • Microaggressions and racism are everywhere, in all aspects of life and all human relations.
    • Donald Trump is a Nazi and his voters are fascists.
    • Communism is a desirable economic and political system.
    • People who disagree should be doxxed, canceled, and their lives destroyed.
This is just a sampling of the quite literally crazy characteristics of the "woke" worldview, enough to establish it as a Weltanshauung of madness.  It covers math, physics, biology, genetics, economics, and basic epistemology.  The ideological components are obvious.  Today's leftists, including much of the Democrat party, have lost their minds.  The things they believe and promote will, if fully implemented, destroy civilization.  Because these "woke" ideas are so surreal, it is hard for non-leftists to take seriously how dangerous this is... "no one could seriously believe this stuff."  But the ideas of the woke, unchecked, are the kinds of things that lead to violent purges and death camps.  My guess is that America has less than four years to defeat the left and end America's Cultural Revolution.

It should be noted that the leaders who push cultural marxism don't believe it.  It's simply a tool of control.  For example, the Gates Foundation can happily fund ethno-math, but rest assured that Microsoft expects its engineers to be able to get right answers.  (Umm...wait a minute. Are we sure? Given how Windows releases "work...")

The "woke" live in a paranoid fantasy world where everything is oppressive and must be dismantled, including reality. The real danger is that the "woke" are so detached from reality that they can be easily manipulated to accept all sorts of terrible things.  The "woke" are mentally ill.  They must be thought of and treated as such.  And woke-ism -- cultural marxism -- must be destroyed.*

*As I emphasize in my History of Economic Thought classes, one can kill an idea, but ideas can always come back from the dead.  Eternal vigilance is thus the price of liberty.

Photo: A postmodern leftist.  From a WaPo article on the use of insane asylum imagery in Halloween haunted houses, and why such imagery violates wokeness and must stop.

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

The Annual Westward Migration


A correspondent writes, "Ferocious! Who is holding whom back?"

To which I reply, "No one is being held back. we are preparing to charge as a rope team."

More soon!

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